Saraiki: Jangli language

Language name: Saraiki: Jangli
GRN Language Number: #16338
ISO Language Name: Seraiki [skr]

Audio/Video from other sources

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Where Saraiki: Jangli is spoken


Dialects related to Saraiki: Jangli

There are 9 similar spoken languages or dialects which share the same ISO language code as Saraiki: Jangli.

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Saraiki: Jafri
Saraiki: Jatki
Saraiki: Multani
Saraiki: Reasiti
Saraiki: Siraiki Hindki
Saraiki: Thali

Information about Saraiki: Jangli

Population: 15,059,000

Audio recordings available in Saraiki: Jangli

Our data shows that we may have either some old recordings which have been withdrawn, or new recordings being made in this language.

If you are interested in obtaining any of this unreleased or withdrawn material, please Contact the GRN Language Hotline.