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Lolopo (Language code 'ycl')

ISO Language Code:ycl
ISO Language Name:Lolopo

GRN has available 4 spoken languages and dialects within this language code.

1. Baiyi: Guizhou Hezhang

GRN Language Number: #18554

Other names for Baiyi: Guizhou Hezhang

Baiyi: Hezhang

Where Baiyi: Guizhou Hezhang is spoken


2. Hua Gong Ji Yi

GRN Language Number: #22291

Population: 40000

Where Hua Gong Ji Yi is spoken


3. Lolopo: Nanhua

GRN Language Number: #18556

Other names for Lolopo: Nanhua

Nanhua Lolopho

Where Lolopo: Nanhua is spoken


4. Yi: Gaoshan

GRN Language Number: #6194

Population: 436000

Literacy: 10

Other names for Yi: Gaoshan

彝: Gaoshan

Where Yi: Gaoshan is spoken


Audio recordings available in Yi: Gaoshan

C29791 Words of Life

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