Tai Do [tyj]

ISO Language Name: Tai Do
ISO Language Code: tyj
Population: 7,500

GRN has available 2 spoken languages and dialects within this language code.

1. Tai Mene

GRN Language Number: 17061
ROD Dialect Code: 17061
Population: 7,200

Other names for Tai Mene

Tai Maen
Tai Man
Tai Men
Tay Mene
Tay Mènè

Where Tai Mene is spoken


2. Tay Jo

GRN Language Number: 17268
Population: 300

Other names for Tay Jo

Tay Muoi
Tay Quy Chau
Tay Yo

Where Tay Jo is spoken

Congo, Democratic Republic of

People Groups who speak Tai Do

Tai Do;