Toba [tob]

ISO Language Name: Toba
ISO Language Code: tob
Population: 41,510

GRN has identified 4 spoken languages and dialects within this language code.

1. Toba

GRN Language Number: 1940
Population: 3,000

Other names for Toba

Chaco Sur
Toba Qom
Toba Sur

Where Toba is spoken


Audio recordings available in Toba

A04091 Words of Life

2. Toba: Del Oeste

GRN Language Number: 6196
ROD Dialect Code: 06196

Other names for Toba: Del Oeste

Del Oeste

Where Toba: Del Oeste is spoken


Audio recordings available in Toba: Del Oeste

C32421 Good News

3. Toba Qom

GRN Language Number: 22280
ROD Dialect Code: 22280
Population: 1,600

Where Toba Qom is spoken


Audio recordings available in Toba Qom

A64130 Good News
A64131 LLL 7 JESUS - Lord & Saviour
A64132 Musica de Dios Para Nuestro Pueblo [Music of God for our People]

4. Toba: Southeast Toba

GRN Language Number: 20676

Other names for Toba: Southeast Toba

Southeast Toba

Where Toba: Southeast Toba is spoken


People Groups who speak Toba

Toba Qom; Vilela;