Southern Thai [sou]

ISO Language Name: Southern Thai
ISO Language Code: sou
Population: 4,500,000

GRN has identified 3 spoken languages and dialects within this language code.

1. Thai, Southern

GRN Language Number: 1167
ROD Dialect Code: 01167

Other names for Thai, Southern

Pak Tai
Pak Thai
Southern Thai
Tai, Southern
Thai Tai

Where Thai, Southern is spoken


Audio recordings available in Thai, Southern

A78070 The Book of James; Epistle to Ephesians
A10920 Words of Life 1
A27241 Words of Life 2, Believing in God
C25790 Words of Life 3, Questions and Answers
C25791 Words of Life 4, Jesus Died for Us
A78065 Words of Life 5, Creation to Christ
A78066 Words of Life 6, Why Did Jesus Die?
A78067 Words of Life 7, Fear of Evil Spirits
A78068 Words of Life 8, Life of Christ 1
A78069 Words of Life 9, Life of Christ 2

2. Thai, Southern: Tak Bai

GRN Language Number: 17424
Population: 5,000,000

Other names for Thai, Southern: Tak Bai

Tai Tak Bai
Tak Bai
ไทยใต้ ตากไบ

Where Thai, Southern: Tak Bai is spoken


3. Thai, Southern: Thai Malay

GRN Language Number: 17425
Population: 5,000,000

Other names for Thai, Southern: Thai Malay

Tai Islam
Thai Malay
ไทยใต้ มาเลย์

Where Thai, Southern: Thai Malay is spoken


People Groups who speak Southern Thai

Thai Islam, Southern; Thai, Southern; Thai, Tak Bai;