Southern Samo [sbd]

ISO Language Name: Southern Samo
ISO Language Code: sbd
Population: 85,000

GRN has identified 2 spoken languages and dialects within this language code.

1. Samo, Southern

GRN Language Number: 6303
ROD Dialect Code: 06303

Other names for Samo, Southern


Where Samo, Southern is spoken

Burkina Faso

Audio recordings available in Samo, Southern

A30891 The Living Christ (a)
A32670 The Living Christ (b)
C78422 LLL 1 Beginning with GOD
A78423 LLL 2 Mighty Men of GOD
A78424 LLL 3 Victory through GOD
A78425 LLL 4 Servants of GOD
C78426 LLL 5 On Trial for GOD
C78427 LLL 6 JESUS - Teacher & Healer
C78428 LLL 7 JESUS - Lord & Saviour
C78429 LLL 8 Acts of the HOLY SPIRIT

2. Samo, Southern: Toma

GRN Language Number: 20636

Other names for Samo, Southern: Toma


Where Samo, Southern: Toma is spoken

Burkina Faso

People Groups who speak Southern Samo

Samo Southern, Sanan-Toma;