Mixtepec Mixtec [mix]

ISO Language Name: Mixtepec Mixtec
ISO Language Code: mix
Population: 9,170

GRN has identified 2 spoken languages and dialects within this language code.

1. Mixtec, Mixtepec

GRN Language Number: 3385
ROD Dialect Code: 03385
Population: 9,000

Other names for Mixtec, Mixtepec

Eastern Juxtlahuaca Mixtec
Mixteco de San Juan Mixtepec
Mixteco: Eastern Juxtlahuaca
Mixteco, Mixtepec
Mixteco: San Juan Mixtepec

Where Mixtec, Mixtepec is spoken

United States of America

Audio recordings available in Mixtec, Mixtepec

A63703 Acerca de Jesús [About Jesus]
A64264 Evangelio según San Lucas 01-06 [The Gospel of Luke 01-06]
A64265 Evangelio según San Lucas 07-12 [The Gospel of Luke 07-12]
A64266 Evangelio según San Lucas 13-18 [The Gospel of Luke 13-18]
A64267 Evangelio según San Lucas 19-24 [The Gospel of Luke 19-24]
A63704 Good News
A11291 Words of Life

2. Mixtec, Mixtepec: Yucunicoco

GRN Language Number: 4052
ROD Dialect Code: 04052

Other names for Mixtec, Mixtepec: Yucunicoco

Eastern Juxtlajuaca
Mixteco, Mixtepec
Mixteco: Santa Maria Yucunicoco
Santa Maria Yucunicoco

Where Mixtec, Mixtepec: Yucunicoco is spoken


Audio recordings available in Mixtec, Mixtepec: Yucunicoco

A22861 Words of Life w/ SPANISH songs

People Groups who speak Mixtepec Mixtec

Mixteco, San Juan Mixtepec, Juxtlahuaca;