Luo (Kenya and Tanzania) [luo]

ISO Language Name: Luo (Kenya and Tanzania)
ISO Language Code: luo
Population: 4,184,000

GRN has identified 2 spoken languages and dialects within this language code.

1. Dholuo

GRN Language Number: 153
ROD Dialect Code: 00153

Other names for Dholuo

Kavirondo Luo
Luo (Kenya and Tanzania) (ISO Language Name)
Nilotic Kavirondo

Where Dholuo is spoken


Audio recordings available in Dholuo

C62736 AIDS
A24360 Good News
A73551 Jotich ruoth Nyasaye(LLL4) [LLL 4 Servants of GOD]
A73520 LLL 1 Beginning with GOD
A73530 LLL 2 Mighty Men of GOD
A73540 LLL 3 Victory through GOD
A73560 LLL 5 On Trial for GOD
A73570 LLL 6 JESUS - Teacher & Healer
A73580 LLL 7 JESUS - Lord & Saviour
A73590 LLL 8 Acts of the HOLY SPIRIT
A24351 Songs
A00220 Words of Life 1
A00221 Words of Life 2
A11241 Words of Life 3

2. Luhya, Lunyore

GRN Language Number: 964
ROD Dialect Code: 00964
Population: 1,086,000

Other names for Luhya, Lunyore

Dhuluo Luyia
Luhyia: Lungore
Luhyia: Standard
Luyia: Standard

Where Luhya, Lunyore is spoken


Audio recordings available in Luhya, Lunyore

A09460 Words of Life 1
C82771 Words of Life 2

People Groups who speak Luo (Kenya and Tanzania)

Luo; Suba, Luo Suba;