Agob [kit]

ISO Language Name: Agob
ISO Language Code: kit

GRN has available 3 spoken languages and dialects within this language code.

1. Agob

GRN Language Number: 484

Other names for Agob


Where Agob is spoken

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Audio recordings available in Agob

C11790 Words of Life

2. Agob: Ende

GRN Language Number: 4106
ROD Dialect Code: 04106
Population: 2,440

Other names for Agob: Ende


Where Agob: Ende is spoken

Papua New Guinea

Audio recordings available in Agob: Ende

A13590 Words of Life

3. Agob: Kawam

GRN Language Number: 6735
ROD Dialect Code: 06735
Population: 3,500

Other names for Agob: Kawam


Where Agob: Kawam is spoken

Papua New Guinea

People Groups who speak Agob