Huastec [hus]

ISO Language Name: Huastec
ISO Language Code: hus
Population: 131,000

GRN has identified 4 spoken languages and dialects within this language code.

1. Huastec

GRN Language Number: 23041

2. Huasteco, Veracruz

GRN Language Number: 4681
ROD Dialect Code: 04681
Literacy: 30

Other names for Huasteco, Veracruz

Huastec: Aquiche
Huasteco de Tantoyuca
Veracruz: Aquiche

Where Huasteco, Veracruz is spoken


Audio recordings available in Huasteco, Veracruz

A26030 Good News

3. Huastec: San Luis Potosi

GRN Language Number: 4381
ROD Dialect Code: 04381

Other names for Huastec: San Luis Potosi

Huasteco de San Luis Potosi
Potosino Huastec
San Luis Potosi

Where Huastec: San Luis Potosi is spoken


Audio recordings available in Huastec: San Luis Potosi

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4. Huastec: Southeastern

GRN Language Number: 19046

Other names for Huastec: Southeastern

Huasteco de San Francisco Chontla

Where Huastec: Southeastern is spoken


People Groups who speak Huastec

Huasteco, San Francisco Chontala; Huasteco, San Luis Potosi; Huasteco, Tantoyuca, Tenek;