Gavião Do Jiparaná [gvo]

ISO Language Name: Gavião Do Jiparaná
ISO Language Code: gvo
Population: 340

GRN has identified 2 spoken languages and dialects within this language code.

1. Gaviao de Rondonia

GRN Language Number: 3245
ROD Dialect Code: 03245
Population: 600

Other names for Gaviao de Rondonia

Gaviao do Jiparana
Gaviao: Ikolen
Gavião: Ikolen
Gaviao: Rondonia
Gavião: Rondônia

Where Gaviao de Rondonia is spoken


Audio recordings available in Gaviao de Rondonia

A64954 Daniéo Kósev [Stories from Daniel]
A38354 Group Gavião De Rondônia [Songs Volume 7]
A64980 Jonas Kósev [Jonah's Story]
A62934 Pahdjaj Kómatééhj Vol 1 [Songs Volume 1]
A62935 Pahdjaj Kómatééhj Vol 2 [Songs Volume 2]
A62936 Pahdjaj Kómatééhj Vol 3 [Songs Volume 3]
A62937 Pahdjaj Kómatééhj Vol 4 [Songs Volume 4]
A62938 Pahdjaj Kómatééhj Vol 5 [Songs Volume 5]
A62939 Pahdjaj Kómatééhj Vol 6 [Songs Volume 6]
A64975 Pamatóe Fase 1 [Chronological Study 1]
A64976 Pamatóe Fase 2 [Chronological Study 2]
A64977 Pamatóe Fase 3 [Chronological Study 3]
A64978 Pamatóe Fase 4 [Chronological Study 4]
A06501 Words of Life

2. Zoro

GRN Language Number: 10063
ROD Dialect Code: 10063
Population: 700

Other names for Zoro

Cabeca Seca
Cabeça Seca (derogatory name)
Gaviao Do Jiparana: Zoro
Gaviao Do Jiparana: Zoró

Where Zoro is spoken


Audio recordings available in Zoro

A64979 Pamatóe [God's Way]
A38227 Songs 1
A38228 Songs 2
A38229 Songs 3

People Groups who speak Gavião Do Jiparaná

Gaviao do Rondonia;