Central Yupik [esu]

ISO Language Name: Central Yupik
ISO Language Code: esu
Population: 10,000

GRN has identified 2 spoken languages and dialects within this language code.

1. Central Yup'ik: Kuskokwim

GRN Language Number: 158
ROD Dialect Code: 00158

Other names for Central Yup'ik: Kuskokwim

Bethel Yupik
Central Yupik
Eskimo, Kuskokwim
Eskimo: West Alaska
Kuskokwim Yupik
West Alaska Eskimo
Yupik: Central

Where Central Yup'ik: Kuskokwim is spoken

United States of America

Audio recordings available in Central Yup'ik: Kuskokwim

A65771 Good News
A06050 Words of Life

2. Nunivak

GRN Language Number: 4216
ROD Dialect Code: 04216

Other names for Nunivak

Central Alaskan Yupik
Eskimo: Nunivak
Eskimo: West Alaska
West Alaskan Eskimo
Yupik, Central

Where Nunivak is spoken

United States of America

Audio recordings available in Nunivak

A18921 Words of Life

People Groups who speak Central Yupik

Eskimo, Alaskan, West-Central Yupik;