Project India

Project India

"Telling the story of Jesus in every INDIAN language!"

Project India is is an ambitious project to record and provide the Good News of Christ in another 1200 languages and dialects of India. Our main focus is on language groups where there is little or no opportunity to hear the Gospel. This is done in close partnership with church and missions already working in the country.

With a population of more than a billion people, India is one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse countries in the world. According to the census in 2001 India has 1635 languages. It has more people groups without any Christian witness than any other part of the world. Almost five hundred thousand villages have no Christian witness. Less than half the population is functionally literate and less than three percent are Christian.

Gospel Recordings Association (GRN India) has been active for over 40 years, and has made recordings in over 500 languages. Several recording teams are currently at work recording in more and more languages. We are asking God for at least another 20 new Recordists for Project India to effectively communicate the Gospel and accelerate the pace.

There is much persecution of Christians in some parts of India today. Because of the difficulties and dangers that Recordists will surely face, we are seeking to mobilize prayer. The battle for souls has first to be won in the heavenlies. We are also asking God to release all the resources necessary for this endeavour. Our joyful expectation is to see the Gospel make great progress into spiritually barren areas and see lives changed by the power of God.

  • This is an extract from a language survey by one of our Indian recordists. It shows some of the challenges faced in language research, and also the benefits.

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