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GRA is a mission organization which produces audio visual materials of Gospel messages and bible teaching. Our passion and focus is to produce these materials in every language and dialect that needs them. We believe that no tribe is too small, no language is too obscure, no village is too remote to hear the good news of Jesus in their own heart language.

Our audio recordings are available for free download from our website and through mobile applications at We also provide picture books to complement the audio recordings.

Please join us in giving everyone the opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus in their own heart language by praying, donating, leaving a bequest, volunteering time or joining our teams both in India and overseas.

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Prayer focus- India - The Paharias of Jharkhand

The Paharia people group have been the focus of GRN recordist Swapan Roy's latest language recordings in India. Read his exciting report.


Global Recordings Network in India

"... the goal of Global Recordings Network is to make the gospel message available and accessible because it is spoken by someone 'at home' in the dialect."


Survey work in Assam, NE India

"Out of nowhere, a person came in on a motorbike and stared at us. For a moment I thought he was either an 'underground', or a police man. He asked us lot of questions."


Using the recordings in India

"I took a gramophone and records in Hindi and Urdu and the only one available in the Kumaoni dialect, with me. These records were a very real blessing not only to the inpatients but also to the outpatients who came."


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Project Tailenders: "Tailenders" are the smallest and most isolated language groups, with less than 50,000 people, to whom the Gospel has never been proclaimed. There are about 1500 such language groups in India. By virtue of their smallness, they rarely qualify to be on anyone's priority list.

A Pilgrim's Progress: Searching for peace in India.

Delivered from a Deadly Disease: "Vinod lost hope and began to contemplate suicide. On his way to drown himself in a well, he met Anand, an evangelist, to whom he poured out his heart."

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