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Languages and dialects spoken in Thailand

Found 24 language names

This list shows the primary names of the languages and dialects.

This list shows only languages and dialects with audio or video materials available.

This list shows only languages indigenous to this location.

Akha: Thailand Recorded language

Bru, Western: Dong Luang [Mukdahan, Dong Luang] Recorded language

Karen, Pwo: Hod [Thailand] Recorded language

Karen, Pwo Prae [Thailand] Recorded language

Khamu: Thailand Recorded language

Khmer, Thailand Recorded language

Lao Song Dam [Thailand] Recorded language

Lawa: Ban Dong [Thailand] Recorded language

Lawa: Ban Sam [Thailand] Recorded language

Lawa: Kawng Lawi [Thailand] Recorded language

Lawa: La-oop [Thailand] Recorded language

Lawa, Northern [Chiang Mai, Samoeng Nuea] Recorded language

Lawa: Papae [Thailand] Recorded language

Malay, Pattani [Thailand] Recorded language

Phai: Central [Thailand] Recorded language

Phai: Southern [Thailand] Recorded language

Phu Thai [Thailand] Recorded language

Thai: Central [Chiang Mai] Recorded language

Thai Lu [Thailand] Recorded language

Thai, Northeastern [Thailand, Eastern] Recorded language

Thai, Northern [Thailand] Recorded language

Thai, Southern [Thailand] Recorded language

Tin: Eastern [Thailand] Recorded language

Urak Lawoi [Thailand] Recorded language

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