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Region:The Americas
Area (sq km):1,285,216
FIPS Country Code:PE
ISO Country Code:PE
GRN Office:

Peru facts and figures

Geography: dry coastal area, high Andean plateau and Amazon jungles.

Capital: Lima 7.5 million.

Peoples: Amerindian 54.7%. Mestizo 32%. White 12%. Other 1.3%.

Official languages: Spanish and Quechua.

Total languages: 92 (25 with a New Testament).

Literacy: 87%.

Economy: Desperate poverty.

Religion: Religious freedom, but the Catholic Church receives preferential treatment.

(Some of the above data from 'Operation World')

Map of Peru

Map of Peru

Languages and dialects spoken in Peru

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Language Names Recordings Available
Achuar [Peru] - ISO Language [acu]
Aguaruna [Peru] - ISO Language [agr]
Amahuaca [Peru] - ISO Language [amc]
Arabela [Peru] - ISO Language [arl]
Ashaninca: Satipo [Apurimac] - ISO Language [cni]
Ashaninka: Apurimac - Dialect [cni]
Asheninca Pajonal [Peru] - ISO Language [cjo]
Asheninca Pichis [Peru] - ISO Language [cpu]
Bora [Peru] - ISO Language [boa]
Bora: Mirana [Peru] - Dialect [boa]
Candoshi-Shapra [Peru] - ISO Language [cbu]
Capanahua [Peru] - ISO Language [kaq]
Caquinte [Peru] - ISO Language [cot]
Cashibo [Peru] - ISO Language [cbr]
Central Aymara [Bolivia] - ISO Language [ayr]
Chayahuita [Peru] - ISO Language [cbt]
Cocama-Cocamilla: Cocama [Peru] - ISO Language [cod]
Cocama-Cocamilla: Cocamilla [Peru] - Dialect [cod]
Harakmbut [Madre de Dios] - ISO Language [amr]
Huambisa [Peru] - ISO Language [hub]
Huitoto, Muinane [Peru] - ISO Language [hux]
Iquito [Peru] - ISO Language [iqu]
Jaqaru: Kawki [Peru] - Dialect [jqr]
Jebero [Peru] - ISO Language [jeb]
Kashinawa [Peru] - ISO Language [cbs]
Mai [Peru] - ISO Language [ore]
Matses [Maranhão, Lobo] - ISO Language [mcf]
Matsiguenga [Peru] - ISO Language [mcb]
Nanti [Cusco] - ISO Language [cox]
Nomatsiguenga [Peru] - ISO Language [not]
Ocaina [Peru] - ISO Language [oca]
Orejon: Nebaji [Peru] - Dialect [ore]
Quechua, Ambo-Pasco [Huanuco, Ambo] - ISO Language [qva]
Quechua, Ancash: Conchucos Norte [Ancash, POMABAMBA] - ISO Language [qxn]
Quechua, Ancash, Corongo [Peru] - ISO Language [qwa]
Quechua, Ancash: Huaraz [Peru] - Dialect [qwh]
Quechua, Ancash, Huaylas [Peru] - ISO Language [qwh]
Quechua, Ancash, Sihuas [Peru] - ISO Language [qws]
Quechua, Andahuaylas [Peru] - Dialect [quy]
Quechua, Apurimac [Peru] - ISO Language [qve]
Quechua, Arequipa: La Union - ISO Language [qxu]
Quechua, Ayacucho [Peru] - ISO Language [quy]
Quechua, Cajamarca [Peru] - ISO Language [qvc]
Quechua, Chincha [Peru] - ISO Language [qxc]
Quechua, Chiquian Ancash [Peru] - ISO Language [qxa]
Quechua, Classical [Peru] - ISO Language [qwc]
Quechua, Cuzco [Uttarakhand] - ISO Language [quz]
Quechua, Cuzco: Caylloma [Peru] - Dialect [quz]
Quechua Huamalies Dos de Mayo [Peru] - ISO Language [qvh]
Quechua, Huanuco [Peru] - ISO Language [qub]
Quechua, Huanuco, Panao [Peru] - ISO Language [qxh]
Quechua, Junin [Peru] - ISO Language [qvn]
Quechua, Lambayeque [Peru] - ISO Language [quf]
Quechua, Margos [Peru] - ISO Language [qvm]
Quechua, Pasco, Santa Ana De Tusi [Peru] - ISO Language [qxt]
Quechua Pastaza [Peru] - ISO Language [qup]
Quechua, Puno [Peru] - ISO Language [qxp]
Quechua, San Martin [Peru] - ISO Language [qvs]
Quechua, Southern Conchucos Ancash [Peru] - ISO Language [qxo]
Quechua, Wanca, Huancayo [Peru] - ISO Language [qvw]
Quechua, Wanca, Jauja [Peru] - ISO Language [qxw]
Quechua, Yauyos: Madean [Peru] - Dialect [qux]
Quichua de Pastaza [Ecuador, Pastaza, Mera, Shell] - ISO Language [qvo]
Sharanahua [Peru] - ISO Language [mcd]
Sharanahua: Mastanawa [Peru] - Dialect [mcd]
Shipibo-Conibo [Peru] - ISO Language [shp]
Spanish: Latin America [Colombia] - Dialect [spa]
Ticuna [Colombia, Amazonas, Leticia] - ISO Language [tca]
Urarina [Peru] - ISO Language [ura]
Yagua [Peru] - ISO Language [yad]
Yaminawa [Bolivia] - ISO Language [yaa]
Yanesha [Pasco] - ISO Language [ame]
Yine [Peru] - ISO Language [pib]

People Groups in Peru

Achuar Jivaro; Afro-Peruvian; Aguaruna; Amahuaca; Amarakaire; Americans, U.S.; Amuesha; Apurucayali Asheninca; Arabela; Ashaninca; Asheninca Perene; Asheninca, Pichis; Asheninka, Pajonal; Asheninka, South Ucayali; Asheninka, Ucayali-Yurua; Aymara, Central; Aymara, Southern; Bora; British; Candoshi; Capanahua; Caquinte; Cashibo-Cacataibo; Chamicura; Chayahuita; Chilean; Cogapacori; Cujareno, Mashco Piro; Deaf; Ese Ejja; German; Greek; Han Chinese, Cantonese; Huachipaire; Huambiza; Injerto, Asian / Peruvians; Iquito; Isconahua; Japanese; Jaqaru; Jebero; Jew, Spanish Speaking; Kaxinawa, Cashinahua; Kokama; Kulina; Machiguenga; Marinawa; Matses; Muinane; Muinane Huitoto; Mulatto; Nomatsiguenga; Ocaina; Orejon; Peruvian; Piro; Pisabo; Quechua, Ambo-Pasco; Quechua, Apurimac; Quechua, Arequipa; Quechua, Ayacucho; Quechua, Cajamarca; Quechua, Cerro de Pasco; Quechua, Chachapoyas; Quechua, Chincha; Quechua, Chiquian Ancash; Quechua, Corongo Ancash; Quechua, Cuzco; Quechua, Huallaga; Quechua, Huamalies; Quechua, Huaylas Ancash; Quechua, Jauja Huancayo; Quechua, Jungle; Quechua, Lambayeque; Quechua, Margos Chaulan; Quechua, Northern Conchucos Ancash; Quechua, North Junin; Quechua, North Lima; Quechua, Pacaroas; Quechua, Pachitea; Quechua, Pasco-Yanahuanca; Quechua, Puno; Quechua, Sihuas Ancash; Quechua, Southern Conchucos Ancash; Quechua, Southern Huancayo; Quechua, Southern Pastaza; Quechua, Yauyos; Quichua, Lowland Napo; Quichua, Tigre, Bobonaza; Romani, Calo; Russian; Secoya; Shipibol; Spanish, Loreto-Ucayali; Ticuna; Uitoto, Murui Huitoto; Urarina; Yagua; Yaminahua, Chitonajuas; Yaminawa; Yora; Zambo, Mulatto;

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