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Languages and dialects spoken in Nepal

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Tamang, Eastern [Nepal] Recorded language

Tamang: Lamosangu [Nepal] Recorded language

Tamang: Rasua [Nepal] Recorded language

Tamang: Western [Nepal] Recorded language

Thakali [Nepal] Recorded language

Thakali: Tingaun [Nepal] Recorded language

Thami [Janakpur] Recorded language

Tharu, Chitawan [Nepal] Recorded language

Tharu: Dangali [Rapti, Dang district] Recorded language

Tharu, Dangura [Nepal] Recorded language

Tharu: Dasauria [Nepal, Bake (Banke)] Recorded language

Tharu: Deokhar [Nepal] Recorded language

Tharu: Kapilbastu [Nepal, Kapilbastu] Recorded language

Tharu, Kathariya [Nepal] Recorded language

Tharu: Khatima [Nepal] Recorded language

Tharu: Khawas [Koshi] Recorded language

Tharu: Mari [Narayani] Recorded language

Tharu: Morangia [Nepal] Recorded language

Tharu: Nawalparasi [Nepal, Nodha Gaun] Recorded language

Tharu, Rana [Nepal] Recorded language

Tharu: Saptari [Nepal] Recorded language

Thudam Bhote [Nepal] Recorded language

Tichurong [Karnali] Recorded language

Twerpa [Nepal] Recorded language

Walungge [Mechi] Recorded language

Wambule [Nepal] Recorded language

Yakha [Koshi] Recorded language

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Thank you from GRN Nepal: Through the generosity of many, GRN Nepal has had the privilege of reaching out and providing a helping hand to many in need.

Surendra Shrestha: Surendra is the National Director for GRN Nepal, and a trained recordist.

Nepal Earthquakes 2015: The GRN Nepal team are assisting where they can after these earthquakes. Jesus talked about the coming of events like floods, cyclones, warfare and terrorism, persecution of Christians, and the increase of lawlessness. He tells us that they are signs of His pending return and of the coming end of the age.

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New Kyerung Recordings: Local believers given new recordings for outreach to the Kyerung people.

Partnership in Action: With the help of funds provided through the Bible Society, GRN Nepal has been able to make new recordings, print Bible picture books and do a huge amount of distribution of recordings, audiovisual materials and hand-wind Cassette and mp3 Saber players through local ministry partners in Nepal.

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