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Languages and dialects spoken in Nepal

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This list shows the primary names of the languages and dialects.

This list shows only languages and dialects with audio or video materials available.

This list shows only languages indigenous to this location.

Tamang: Lamosangu [Nepal] Recorded language

Tamang: Rasua [Nepal] Recorded language

Tamang: Western [Nepal] Recorded language

Thakali [Nepal] Recorded language

Thakali: Tingaun [Nepal] Recorded language

Thami [Janakpur] Recorded language

Tharu, Chitawan [Nepal] Recorded language

Tharu: Dangali [Rapti, Dang district] Recorded language

Tharu, Dangura [Nepal] Recorded language

Tharu: Dasauria [Nepal, Bake (Banke)] Recorded language

Tharu: Deokhar [Nepal] Recorded language

Tharu: Kapilbastu [Nepal, Kapilbastu] Recorded language

Tharu, Kathariya [Nepal] Recorded language

Tharu: Khatima [Nepal] Recorded language

Tharu: Khawas [Koshi] Recorded language

Tharu: Mari [Narayani] Recorded language

Tharu: Morangia [Nepal] Recorded language

Tharu: Nawalparasi [Nepal, Nodha Gaun] Recorded language

Tharu, Rana [Nepal] Recorded language

Tharu: Saptari [Nepal] Recorded language

Thudam Bhote [Nepal] Recorded language

Tichurong [Karnali] Recorded language

Twerpa [Nepal] Recorded language

Walungge [Mechi] Recorded language

Wambule [Nepal] Recorded language

Yakha [Koshi] Recorded language

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