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Languages and dialects spoken in Nigeria

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Yendang: Yoti [Taraba] Recorded language

Yeskwa [Kaduna] Recorded language

Yoruba: Abunu [Ondo] Recorded language

Yoruba: Aworo [Nigeria] Recorded language

Yoruba: Ekiti [Oyo] Recorded language

Yoruba: Igbomina [Ogun] Recorded language

Yoruba: Yagba [Oyo] Recorded language

Youm [Plateau] Recorded language

Yukuben [Taraba] Recorded language

Yumu [Niger] Recorded language

Yungur: Kama [Adamawa] Recorded language

Zari [Bauchi] Recorded language

Zari: Zakshi [Bauchi] Recorded language

Zeem: Danshe [Bauchi] Recorded language

Zeem: Lushi [Bauchi] Recorded language

Zhire [Kaduna] Recorded language

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