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Area (sq km):1,186,408
FIPS Country Code:NG
ISO Country Code:NE
GRN Office:

About Niger

Niger is a poor, landlocked Sub-Saharan nation in West Africa, whose economy centers on subsistence agriculture, animal husbandry, export trade, including some uranium. The Capital is Niamey. It has a population of over 10 million.

The ethnic groups include Hausa (56%), Djerma (22%), Fula (8.5%), Tuareg (8%) and other smaller groups. 80% of the people are Muslim; the remainder having indigenous beliefs and there are some Christians.

The official language is French. Hausa and Djerma are the main local languages.

Map of Niger

Map of Niger

Languages and dialects spoken in Niger

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Language Names Recordings Available
Arabic, Algerian Saharan: Tamanrasset
Bororro [Niger]
Français [France]
Fulfulde: Dogondoutchi [Niger]
Fulfulde: Tessaoua [Niger]
Fulfulde, West Niger
Fulfulde: Wodaabe [Niger]
Hausa Arewa [Niger]
Hausa: Kurfey [Niger]
Kanuri, Manga [Niger]
Kanuri, Manga: Dagara [Niger]
Tamajeq: Air [Niger]
Tamajeq: East Tawallemet [Niger]
Tamajeq: Tamastrait [Niger]
Tamajeq: West Tawallemet [Niger]

People Groups in Niger

Algerian, Arabic-speaking; Arab, Lebanese; Arab, Libyan; Baggara, Arab, Shuwa; Bambara; Buduma; Deaf; Dendi, Dandawa; French; Fulani, Sokoto; Fulani, Western; Fulani, Wodaabe; Gourma; Hausa; Hausa, Mauri; Iberogen, Igdalen; Kanembu; Kanuri, Bilma; Kanuri, Manga; Kanuri, Tumari; Kanuri, Yerwa; Moor; Mossi, Moore; Songhai-Koyraboro; Tasawaq; Tuareg, Air; Tuareg, Algerian; Tuareg, Arabized; Tuareg, Asben; Tuareg, Tamajaq; Tuareg, Tamastairt; Tubu, Daza; Tubu, Teda; Yoruba; Zerma, Dyerma;