Languages and dialects spoken in Cameroon

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Pinyin [Cameroon, Nord-Ouest]
Podoko [Cameroon, Extrème-Nord]
Pomo [Cameroon, Est]
Psikye [Cameroon, Extrème-Nord]
Samba Leko [Cameroon, Nord]
Sarrih [Cameroon, Nord]
Tikari [Cameroon, Centre]
Tuki [Cameroon, Centre]
Tum [Cameroon, Centre]
Tunen [Cameroon, Centre]
Tupuri [Cameroon, Extrème-Nord]
Vute [Cameroon, Centre]
Wando [Cameroon, Nord-Ouest]
Weh [Cameroon, Nord-Ouest]
Wula [Cameroon]
Wushi [Cameroon, Nord-Ouest]
Wuzlam [Cameroon, Extrème-Nord]
Xadi [Cameroon, Nord-Ouest]
Yamba [Cameroon, Nord-Ouest]
Yamba: Mbem [Cameroon, Nord-Ouest]
Yamba: Mfe [Cameroon, Nord-Ouest]
Yamba: Nkot [Cameroon, Nord-Ouest]
Yive [Cameroon, Sud-Ouest]
Zulgo Gemzek [Cameroon, Extrème-Nord]
Zulgo Mineo [Cameroon, Extrème-Nord]
Zumaya [Cameroon, Extrème-Nord]

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