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Recordings to Chad... Part 2

Kenny McKee - Monday 16 February 2015

Some weeks ago we shared about Amos going to visit his home country of Chad. He has returned to the UK and was really blessed on his travels to the capital city of Chad and to his home village, which was a very long distance form the capital. He was delighted and blessed to see his family and friends and especially to give out the GRN materials we had given him to take.

He taught at a pastors conference during that time and I think all the pastors and Sunday school teachers wanted our materials. They loved the colourful flip charts and to hear the recordings on the Saber players. Joan had loaded the Sabers with the New Testament books Amos and I have been recording over a long time. We also put the Audio French New Testament from "Faith Comes By Hearing" on the Sabers.

I loved the fact that we could get the materials delivered directly to the churches we had aimed at without postage and custom problems. We Praise The Lord for this.

Here are a few photos...

From Victory Church pastor, Kosova...

Kenny McKee - Monday 02 February 2015

Family Name; Bajram&ValbonaRoha

"This Family they get 6 Children and they live in very difficult situation. We send a food parcel to this family and 2m wood. Also this family every day they going out in streets to collect cans to seal for living.

Bajram( Father) he is disable and children not going in school because they not have enough cloth , shoes and bags for school.
This food parcel and wood for this family was very helpful during this winter time. Its sad to see this family every day on streets in rubbish bin to find some think for family.
Thank you very much for your help to provide this help for this family,

Victory Church Kosova"
Kosovan family in need.

Aid to Kosovan families at Christmas

Kenny McKee - Monday 02 February 2015

"From Kosovan family...

Family Name Afrim and AferditaHallili

This Family have 6 Children and they live in small room box wood room very could during winter time. They used this room 4x2m to live ,sleep, eat, 8 persons all together.

We send story for this family because that day when we decade to send food and wood, it was miracle because they didn’t have food for next day and wood. This was a special help for them in right time, and we sow children was very happy for food and wood to eat and to get worm.

We have touched when they ask who send this help to us, who think about us. And we explain how support coming from your Church and people who like to help poor families in Kosova.
We share love of God with them and bless them. We was so happy to have this possibility to help them.

You have many thanks from this Family and also we are thankful to all of you for this support


Victory Church Kosova"

Christmas Aid to poor Kosovan familes

Kenny McKee - Monday 02 February 2015

Before Christmas our pastor at church here in the UK asked me if we would like to receive half of the offerings from our Christmas church services for a humanitarian project in Kosova. I said a Big quick "Yes please". As a result many poor families there received food, wood and aid over the Christmas period. It has been a very bitter cold winter there. Here are some of the families....

"From the Kosovan pastor..

Her name is Mona Batusha

She is 80 years old and she live from collecting cans on streets ever day. This is a way how she can make a money to buy food and often she cannot find cans to seal and she explain some time not have food to eat all day. She is very sick and live alone
That day when we send food she was very happy and she tell us how she not needed for few days to go out on streets to collect cans for food. And special during winter time with lot of snow.

She is very thankful to all of you, how she tell us you make easy life for her with food.
Many thanks to all of you

Victory Church Kosova"

Recordings to Chad...

Kenny McKee - Monday 08 December 2014

Hi there, We have a friend called Amos and he is from Chad in Africa although he lives here with his family in the UK. His language is Gabri-Kimre and he worked for many years as part of the Bible translation team putting the New Testament into his language.

For the past few years we have been recording this new translation to play on audio. About 50% of the people in this group can’t read or write.
We have been able to put all the New Testaments books that we have recorded onto 4 of our Sabers MP3 players, so the people there can hear the word in their own language. We also gave him some sets of colourful Bible picture flip charts, solar panels and some small booklets to give out.

Amos lives in the UK, but in a few weeks he is returning to Chad with his family for a short visit and is delighted to take these recordings and resources there.

He will delivery some of these materials to friends in the capital city N'Djamena and the rest will be taken out to the remote villages where there is a Gabri-Kimre speaking Bible College for trainees pastors and evangelists. Most of them go there with their families for 4 years. Most would only have been to school to age 12, so these resources will be really useful for them in their training and for use in their future ministries.

We look forward to seeing some photos when they return. If you'd like to help send out more of our materials, please let me know.

God Bless you.

Kenny McKee

Child Trafficking in Nepal

Kenny McKee - Monday 08 December 2014

Hi there, I hope you are doing well. I just thought to forward you this e-mail up-date from a friend of mine in Nepal. His name is Bhuvan and he is married to Sunira and they have 2 beautiful children.

I met Bhuvan back in 1998 when I was on a 12 week long Global Recordings recordist training course in Kathmandu, Nepal. Joan and I had just recently joined the mission of GRN. Bhuvan was about 16 then and he was helping with the catering and odd jobs for the 6 new recordists being trained and the recordist trainers. He was so keen to help us and he and I became great friends. He was always smiling. We have kept in touch by e-mail ever since.

Now many years later he has become a preacher, teacher and evangelist, travelling to many parts of Nepal sharing The Gospel. He travels by bus and motor bike as the “roads” are like driving in a quarry. I remember them well from traveling on the buses with no springs....ouch.

This past few years he has helped start this new ministry of Anti Trafficking of young girls from the hundreds of Nepali villages there. It is called “New Light Nepal”. He sends me regular updates and prayer requests. The challenge of the work is enoromous, but these young people are so passionate to stop this atrocious crime of young girl trafficking from these remote villages, that I write to ask you to pray for this work. Maybe your Life Group or church group would be willing to pray also.

When I was there in 1998 we visited villages high up in the mountains, I remember being told about how some families and alcoholic fathers sell their young daughters for the price of a bottle of whisky or vodka. Many believe their young daughters will have a better life in India and they beleive the lies of the traffickers. Seems like things haven't changed.

I believe prayer is the answer and that "God can move the mountains".

I'm sure like me you have lots of requests for prayer from all kinds of charities, but if you can pray for this "New Light Nepal" mission when you can, that would be great.
Here's their web site if you'd like to read more.......

Thanks so much. God Bless and see ya. Kenny.

From Russia to Scotland...

Kenny McKee - Tuesday 02 December 2014

Hi ya, A few years ago we were in Asbest, Russia with a team from Scotland and recorded the testimonies of some ex heroin drug addicts who had been saved and delivered from their addictions. While we were there we met a young girl called Katya who did the translating for the team. She helped with the 9 recordings. Towards the end of our time there I asked Katya if she would consider translating a script for us. She agreed although she was at uni and didn't have much spare time. I e-mailed her "The Living Christ" script when I got home and kind of forgot about it, thinking that she probably wouldn't get to do it, as there is a lot of work in it.

Eighteen months later she e-mailed me the completed script attached. Wow I couldn't believe it and thanked her so much. My next slight problem was how would we get someone to record it without travelling back to Russia. I kept praying/hoping that someone would turn up.

I had mentioned to a friend who knew someone attending a training course for 2 weeks at the WEC Mission near us. This sounded great, but as soon as we met her we realised that she wasn't Russian but was from South Africa originally. She had lived and worked on Russian radio for years and was a lovely lady. However we knew her voice was not what we wanted. Disappointed we tried another friend of a friend who was Russian and worked with Tearfund in London. This sounded perfect except she went off on maternity leave and this didn't work out either.

Around Easter time we were up visiting our daughters family over the holidays and at their church on a Sunday morning. They had just moved into a new building and there was a huge increase in new folk coming. While we were there that Sunday, a family of two adults and five children walked in and had heard about the church. They were from Russia and were living in N.Ireland for a year before moving to Scotland to work in Erskine.They were a very committed Christian couple and began to settle into life at the church. I asked my son-in-law Gavin, the pastor if he was ask them about doing the recordings for us the next time we were up. They agreed and we arrived up there 2 weeks ago.

We had arranged to record on the Saturday morning and Lena the mum was going to do the actual speaking. She was quite nervous, but I told her she would be fine. She was great and read almost perfectly. Her husband acted as consultant for any words or repeats etc. It all went brilliantly and we were all blessed by this recording and how it all came about. We Praise The Lord for how He opens up these wonderful blessings. I have started editing and am on Picture 22 if you are interested haha. She did it so well, the editing is a real joy to do.

The other part of the story is about Katya. She told me by e-mail that her faith had "cooled" before she did the translation, but with reading her Bible during the translation to get the script ready, she found herself coming back to faith and going to church! Isn't God Great?

God Bless you.


Saber to Afghanistan & Syrian speakers

Kenny McKee - Tuesday 30 September 2014

Joan and I are today sending out a Saber unit, a "Good News" flip chart and a "Good News" A5 book to a contact in Italy. This morning Joan loaded the Saber unit with recordings in nine of the most popular languages for Afghanistan and Syrian speakers.

For whatever reason, this has given us so much joy for the privilege and excitement of not knowing where these will end up or who will get to hear these recordings.We will probably never get to hear who or meet those who will heard The Gospel in their own language, maybe for the first time. We may hear some day if they responded, or maybe for now these are like a seed planted in their thoughts and hearts.

These two countries are very much in the world news every day. We pray that these recordings will be like water in a dry and thirsty land.

I also think of all our GRN guys who over the years, made great efforts to get these recordings initially and all our current and past staff and support teams, for working in developing this wonderful internet facility, the Saber and all the other playback machines and materials.WOW!

I have the parcel made up and now I'm off to the Post Office...I have the easy bit.

Thank you Lord for Your great plan to reach millions of people around the world, through the amazing work and ministry of GRN.

Well done all at GRN. See ya.


God Loves The Japanese People

Kenny McKee - Friday 26 September 2014

Hi again and trust you are well. A short article about Japan....

Is there Hope for Japan?...Japan doesn't fit what many pictures of a typical mission field look like. It is not a developing country with all the associated needs. Indeed it has many of the worlds biggest companies, Toyota, Sony, Nintendo, Panasonic, Nissan, and Honda. It has the worlds 3rd largest economy and an educated and peaceful population. It has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Never the less Japan is a mission field and the need for God's hope has never been greater.

35,000 people. The devastating tsunami of 2011 claimed 18,000 people. But in the same year more than 35,000 Japanese people committed suicide. Japan has a double tsunami every year. These amazing rates have been this way this past 14 years.

Hikikiimore. Is a type of extreme depression that seems to exist only in Japan with more than 1.5 million young people (mostly men) and have completely withdrawn from society. Some lock themselves in their rooms and barely come out to eat once a day. Some have not spoken or seen anyone for more than 2 years and have completely withdrawn from human contact. Some say its internal suicide or living like a corpse.

Many ordinary young people live with no hope and no desire to make any change. There is much apathy all around. Only 35% of high school students feel they have worth as a person...that's sad eh.

US$30 Billion. Japan has the worlds largest sex industry worth $30 Billion dollar per year. A significant proportion of this involves under age girls. Also its is largely Japanese money which funds the sex industries of other Asian nations too, like Thailand and Vietnam and others.

0.22%. Japan is the 2nd largest un-reached people group in the world. The percentage of the population which attends a protestant church is 0.22%. It has the lowest rate of Christian workers in the world. Many people have never met a Christian. How can they know God?

But regardless of all this isn't it true that God Loves ALL people everywhere? A country does not need to be broken for mission to be necessary. Whether people live in luxury or in poverty, Gods heart is that they are all reconciled to Him for in that way alone they will discover true hope.

Japan has 100% freedom of religion. Yet there are few Christians to spread the Message. So is Japan a mission field? For sure.

Simply put there are so few Christians in Japan that the church cannot reproduce her own. Many Christians ask, why is Japans percentage so low. The simple answer is that Japan needs more Christians. Japan is one of the most expensive nations in the world for ex pats and missionaries to live.

The Good news however is that when many Japanese students and people come out of Japan and visit the West, a high percentage of them become Christians and are given the wonderful news and hope of eternal life through believing in Jesus. When they return home there are not many local churches to receive them so that they can grow in their faith and be encouraged.

But God has His great plans for the Japanese people. Please pray for them and for the growing number of churches that are springing up all over Japan. Pray for the missionaries, evangelists, teachers and pastors who are serving there, many by teaching English, and that many more would join them.

GRN have recorded several recordings for DVD and CD over this past few years. More to follow.

Many thanks and God Bless you.