GRN Australia Price List

All prices are in Australian dollars, including GST, and are subject to change without notice.

Description Mission Retail Weight
Audio CDs *$1.50$2.0020g
DVDs *$3.00$5.0080g
Good News Flipchart$7.50$10.00380g
Good News Booklet$3.00$4.00150g
Good News Pocket Book$0.90$1.2020g
Good News Short Script$0.40$0.7010g
Look, Listen & Live Flipchart$5.60$7.50260g
Look, Listen & Live Flipcharts full set of 8$43.00$58.002080g
Look, Listen & Live Booklet$2.25$3.00100g
Look, Listen & Live Booklets full set of 8$17.50$23.00800g
Look, Listen & Live Pocket Book$0.75$1.0010g
Look, Listen & Live Pocket Books full set of 8$5.75$7.5080g
Look, Listen & Live Short Script$0.30$0.5010g
Look, Listen & Live Short Scripts set of 8$2.40$4.0080g
Look, Listen & Live Long Script$0.60$1.0025g
Look, Listen & Live Long Scripts set of 8$4.80$8.00200g
Flipchart Carry Bag (holds 8 flipcharts)$2.20$3.0090g
The Living Christ Picture Sets with Scripts$16.50$25.001050g
Bible Picture CD (with all colour and b&w pictures)$20.00$25.0020g
SABER Hand wind Digital Player$59.95$99.00750g
Saber USB Cable$2.75$4.4040g
2GB SD Memory card$13.20$19.80
Saber AC to DC Adapter$11.00$16.50150g
12 Volt DC Adapter$6.60$9.90120g
Saber Solar Panel$22.00$33.00290g
Saber Battery holder (holds 4 'D' cells, batteries not included)$2.20$3.3060g
Saber Copy Pack$88.00$132.00830g
Saber Lock Pack$11.00$16.50350g
Saber Maintenance Pack$44.00$66.00600g
Saber Replacement Rechargeable Battery$5.00$7.5040g


* Prerecorded CDs and DVDs are not subject to GST. All other prices include 10% GST. Goods supplied directly to other countries are exempt from GST.

Mission prices are for recognised mission organisations, missionaries, and indigenous churches. This is a subsidized price, and no further discounts are available.

Costs for packing, postage, freight etc are added as a composite charge. Costs vary considerably, depending on shipping method, weight, size, and destination.

Placing Orders

Orders may be placed online through our secure online order form, or by phone, fax, email, post, or in person at our office.

When ordering, please indicate preferred shipping method, and any other special instructions such as date required.

Orders generally require payment in advance, unless otherwise agreed with GRN Australia.


Most orders are shipped within 2 working days. Allow extra time for large or complex orders, or where audio or video has to be copied to order. GRN Australia will notify you if there is any delay.

GRN Australia does not generally insure shipments, but trusts God for their speedy and safe delivery.


Payments may be made by credit card, direct deposit, cheque or money order. If not paid in advance then terms are net 7 days from date of invoice.

Payments should be made in Australian dollars or a strong currency. Payment in other than Australian dollars should include the equivalent of A$20 to cover additional bank fees.

Refunds and Returns

GRN Australia offers a 30 day money-back guarantee from the time you receive the goods. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please contact us so we can resolve any problems.

Products must be returned in original condition at your own cost. For individual items of small value, such as CDs and DVDs, GRN may waive the requirement to return the goods.

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