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Faces of GRN - Meet "Bob"

Meet someone who doesn't exist yet. Let's call him Bob. This Bob loves to travel and has three months available. He wants to go somewhere that will benefit missions, so he applies to GRN for a short-term assignment.

After discussion and prayer, the Lord directs Bob to Nigeria, West Africa. There are 943 languages and dialects in this country and GRN has made recordings in 156 of them. He will need an interpreter!

Bob needs to know how much this will cost him. His largest expense will be airfare. But there will be other expenses such as insurance, lodging, travel in Nigeria and a guide and interpreter.

After a time of orientation at the GRN center in Temecula, it is off to Nigeria. Kish Bai, the GRN national director meets Bob, gives him further orientation, and arranges for his lodging, travel and a guide. Bob's assignment is to travel to designated areas of Nigeria and verify what languages are spoken there.

He'll check these against a language map and other data produced by our Language Tracking Department. Arriving in a town where a particular dialect is spoken, Bob uses his GPS unit to record the latitude and longitude. These coordinates are then entered into the computer to be printed on the next map.

Bob's work will give us a picture of what needs to be done in Nigeria, and prepare the way for recordings of the good news in the languages of the people. Our prayer is that God would raise up many people like Bob to do this kind of vital research work.