Does our enemy consider us formidable opponents?

Does our enemy consider us formidable opponents?

A Minute with the USA Director - July 2007

By Colin Stott, Executive Director of GRN USA

When we consider our ancient enemy, the devil, we know that we have a cunning adversary. Although he is a defeated foe, he continues to use deception, lies and intimidation to try to discourage and tempt God's people and render their work ineffective.

While we may consider our enemy to be a formidable adversary, an important question to ask is, "What does our enemy think of you or me? Does he consider us formidable opponents? Do we have a reputation in the heavenlies for hindering his cause? Do the powers of darkness see us as great nuisances for thwarting their plans? Do we seriously undermine their attempts to keep as captives all of the unreached peoples?"

What is it that makes us either a formidable foe or a harmless opponent? Here are a few things: the ability to live by the faith of Jesus Christ enables us to accomplish things which otherwise we could not do to extend God's kingdom. Unbelief on the other hand always leads to defeat. A life of moral purity will keep the enemy from gaining a foothold in our lives whereas a lack of purity will drain our spiritual strength. Operating in the power of the Spirit will enable us to fulfill the work God has given us to do, while depending on our own strength will result in doing our work without the anointing and power of God.

It has been said that satan trembles when he sees even the weakest saints on their knees; prayerlessness on the other hand allows the enemy freedom to work his evil schemes. Praise and rejoicing in the Lord causes the enemy to flee because God inhabits the praises of His people, while our murmurings and complainings provide an environment wherein the enemy thrives.

A reality of which the enemy is painfully aware is that God has made us to be more than conquerors through His Son. We need to walk as victors and not as though we were the vanquished. We need to build our reputations in the heavenlies as being formidable foes, which indeed we are to the degree that we allow God to live and work through us each day. There's much at stake. Not only the eternal destiny of countless unreached people groups, but also God's glory among the nations.

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