Building our Dream Team

Building our Dream Team

A Minute with the USA Director - October 2006

By Colin Stott, Executive Director of GRN USA

"We exist to increase God's pleasure among the nations"

In a recent staff meeting we worked on identifying our dream team! What is the ideal mix of people, abilities and giftings we need to carry out our ministry? Right now many positions are well filled. But we do have gaps in our ranks. This means that we accomplish our objectives at a slower pace than we would like. While we want quality people in every position, we realize that God often chooses "the weak things of the world" to accomplish His purposes. His dream team can sometimes use a few people rather than many to show that "the all-surpassing power is of God and not from us."

The reason for our dream team is so that we can fulfill the longings and purposes of God more effectively and more quickly. Revelation 4:11 tells us that we were created for His pleasure. What an awesome truth! Through our missionary perspective we see that the ethnic people groups of Siberia were created also for His pleasure. So too the hill tribes of northern Thailand...and the Indians of the Amazon jungles. What a message we have to carry to the peoples! A simple mission statement we could easily adopt is that we exist to increase God's pleasure among the nations.

This gives us a great urgency to deliver this message. Not only will God's pleasure be increased, but peoples still living in spiritual darkness can soon know the awesome purpose for which they were created. I was challenged by a story a missionary recounted to our national director in Indonesia earlier this year. He told him, "The Good News cassettes and pictures have changed these people's lives. While their language was being recorded many years ago, the leader of the tribe ran out and called many people to come. He told them, 'Look at this picture! There is a God who loves our people!' He asked the recordists, 'Why has this news just come today; why not 20 years ago? Many people of our tribe have already died and never heard about God.'"

Truly there is an urgency to deliver the message. This is why by faith we are praying and working to build our dream team!

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