Completing the big picture!

Completing the big picture!

A Minute with the USA Director - June 2006

By Colin Stott, Executive Director of GRN USA

I'm fascinated by the satellite images that are often shown on the news - you know, where the view is from space looking down at planet earth. Then from that perspective the camera zooms in closer and closer until you are speeding towards a country, then a city, then a street and finally hovering above someone's backyard. It's quite breathtaking!

In the April issue of Sounds, we introduced the 10K Challenge - a bold new initiative to make the truth of God's Word available in 10,000 vernacular languages. We viewed the Challenge from the perspective of the big picture to see what it will take to reach that goal. In a nutshell, we need to record another 4400 languages over the next decade or so to reach the 10K mark. Without a doubt, that big picture equals a big task!

Every big picture however, is made up of many smaller details. In this issue of Sounds, we want to zoom in closer on some of the details to see how God is preparing one team to begin fulfilling a segment of the 10K Challenge: bringing words of hope to the ethnic peoples of Siberia. This is the heart of the 10K Challenge - people reaching people with the message of hope.

What God is doing to prepare this one team to go to Siberia is something we want to see multiplied many times over all around the world. We want to see God call many more workers to go to the unreached ethnic peoples. We want to see Him inspire more people to join us in prayer. We want to see Him prompt many people to sponsor a language or provide support for a national recording team. Many people accomplishing the smaller details will eventually complete the big picture.

It inspires me to read in Psalm 22:27 that "All the families of the nations will bow down before Him." It is exciting to think that before that psalm was written, God had planned already that one day Global Recordings Network would be a part of His answer for bringing fulfillment to that ancient prophecy. What a great day it will be when all the families of the nations do bow down before Him and the big picture is finally complete!

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