Somewhere Out There

Somewhere Out There

Over 30 Tribes Could Soon Be Hearing the Gospel for the Very First Time!

Somewhere out there in the bush of Burkina Faso in West Africa, life goes on for Tiero and his family -- pretty much like it has for centuries. While much of the world has moved on in terms of development, Tiero and the people of his tribe, the Bolon, still use oxen and ploughs for farming. When they get sick they turn to roots and leaves for their remedies...or the witchdoctor. And with no TVs or radios, they still love to sit and listen to storytelling in the evenings.

H. Ezechias Diallo, trainee recordist from Burkina Faso

The Bolon is a fairly small group. There are only about 10,000 of them. Many years ago, some abominable act happened in the group that brought disgrace upon all of the tribe. Because of the shame they still feel, they are very unfriendly with outsiders. In fact, they don? like to be called Bolon at all and often use other names instead.

Despite lagging far behind the world? trends and technologies, the basics of wanting to be happy, have a family and be healthy are as common to the Bolon as with any of us. In the continuum of life as one generation passes to another, ancestral worship is important to Tiero and his people. When one of the tribe gets sick, the cause is thought to be disobedience to the ancestral spirits and failure to offer sacrifices and worship to them. The fear of evil spirits and the need to always appease them doesn't bring about any peace and happiness in Tiero's life. As with the rest of us, there is that universal God-shaped void in his heart that only God Himself can fill. But so far, Tiero and his people have heard nothing yet of the True God.

We are hoping that will soon change!

During the weeks of June and July, five GR recording teams from West Africa will travel throughout Burkina Faso to prepare evangelism and basic Christian teaching cassettes for the Bolon people and over 30 other similar tribes (listed below). We are not aware of any Christian outreach among any of these groups. The teams will record messages using the storytelling approach that Jesus often used and that most tribal groups greatly enjoy.

Some of the recordists recently trained in Ghana. From several countries, they will all be recording during the BLITZ in Burkina Faso.

We recognize that this "Big Burkina Blitz" to take the Gospel where it has never yet been proclaimed is just the seed sowing phase of the harvest process. After this initial step has been taken, others in the Body of Christ will need to be involved in discipling and church development.

God indeed loves the Bolon people, and the great adventure of knowing Him is soon to begin for this "Tailenders" people. Eye has not seen nor ear heard what God has prepared for the Bolon and neighboring tribes, and we count it a great privilege to be a part of God's plan to bring them such good news.

Information supplied by Jacques Nignan, Director of GR Burkina Faso, who recently made a research trip to the Bolon area.

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