Colin and Patti Stott

Colin and Patti Stott

GRN: Where are you from and how did you two meet?

Colin: I'm from Manchester, England

Patti: I'm from southern California. We met at a Bible school in Norway.

GRN: What did you learn at that Bible school?

Colin: I learned about the need to live a victorious Christian life. My life verse became, "I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I that lives but Christ that lives in me." I discovered that the Christian life is not me trying to live the Christian life in my own strength but allowing the Son of God to live His victorious life through me.

Patti: That Bible school experience was life changing for both of us.

GRN: Tell us about your experience, Patti.

Patti: I discovered Jesus as my personal Savior when I was nineteen after going to church all my life. God gave me a hunger to know him more and I pursued any avenue that would enable me to learn more about Him. The Lord eventually led me to that Bible school in Norway.

GRN: When did you move to the USA?

Colin: We were married in England in 1973 and lived there for almost a year before moving to Los Angeles to join Gospel Recordings (now GRN) for a one-year short term. That one year led to three years and then on to a lifetime commitment.

Patti: I worked in the GRN office for many years before health problems limited my day-to-day involvement. I served in hospitality and assisted Colin with many aspects of his work. Member-care is my ongoing interest.

GRN: Colin, you were USA Executive Director from 1991 through 2011. What were your responsibilities before that?

Colin: Initially I helped develop the growing audio cassette department. I also designed the mission's literature. Later I took on administrative responsibilities until I was appointed director.

GRN: What gives you a sense of fulfilment in your work?

Colin: I've always had a global vision for the ministry and have been instrumental in initiating many programs that have helped accelerate the proclamation of the gospel to new people groups.

GRN: What have you been doing since you retired from the Executive Director position?

Colin: I now serve as GRN's Global Prayer Coordinator. I seek to mobilize more prayer for GRN's audio evangelism ministry to the least-reached peoples of the world. Patti assists me and helps with the mission's hospitality needs.

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