Good News from All Over

Good News from All Over

Augustus McJohnson from GRN Gambia reports: We showed the Jesus film for five nights in N'dete, N'tchantcha, Binhat and Boto. During the day we were engaged in house to house visitation, distributing Gospel Recordings audio recorded tapes. We distributed 294 tapes of Words of Life version in Balanta Quentohe and Balanta Fora. As a result of the house to house visitation about 105 people prayed for God to forgive their sins and they received Jesus as their Lord and Savior!

Recordist Kenny McKee from England has made several trips into Kosova, Albania and Serbia in the last few years. His interest and concern have grown to include many groups who have suffered in the conflicts that have engulfed the region. Despite the poverty and the trauma the people have suffered, Kenny writes: "We want to encourage people, churches and missions to get involved in other parts of Europe where there is so much need of the Good News." Pray for effective distribution of the new messages in Albania, Croatia and Serbia.

Kenny & Joan McKee have been with Language Recordings UK since 1998, after completing 3 years at Bible College. In 1991 their lives were changed when they became born again believers.

Recently Daniel Oddon and a team from Audio Vie (GRN Switzerland) visited the pygmy villages around Yaoundé in Cameroon. There is great spiritual and physical need among these bush people. When they heard and saw the Good News in their language many were touched and gave their lives to God. The team recorded messages and songs for a Words of Life program and repaired the huts of some elderly pygmies who slept under the stars. Pray for more opportunities to bless these bush dwellers whom God loves.

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