GRN Needs Recordists

GRN Needs Recordists

Global Recordings Network needs recordists to take the story of Jesus to the language groups and oral cultures that are still without their own Bible or knowledge of the Savior.

From the Amazon to the Himalayas to the ends of the earth, we need reinforcements to deliver the good news to unevangelized people groups.

Recordists are trained to communicate the Christian message into other languages using techniques developed over the years by GRN missionaries.

Recordists are taught to research target groups to learn some basics of their culture, beliefs and worldview. This helps them determine what might be the most effective material and style best suited to that group. They work in both village settings and in field studios to record and edit Bible stories and discipleship teaching.

Basic requirements include a love for God and a desire to see unreached people groups introduced to Christ. Bible school training and a minimum two-year commitment to the recording ministry are also required.

For more details please contact our USA Field Manager Dan Rulison.

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