The Longings of the Father's Heart

The Longings of the Father's Heart

God seeks the fellowship of those who love Him enough to listen to the longings of His heart. He is looking continually for willing hearts to whom He can reveal His desires and plans. As we spend time getting to know our Father's longings and taking them on as our own, He may lead some of us to go to the ends of the earth to carry out those desires. Others may be called to stay put to do His work. Either way, God longs to bring salvation and healing to a spiritually needy world, but He waits for willing hearts through whom He can work.

For GRN, the Father's longing that every language group hear about His Son has become our deep longing too. Our thoughts, prayers, plans and resources are continually geared towards telling His story where it has never before been told. This year we want to tell the story of Jesus in at least 200 minority languages. This is a huge goal and one that will stretch us beyond what we could reasonably expect to accomplish. We have no idea how God will enable us to do this. Our part though is to "dig the ditches" (read 2 Kings 3:16-17) and wait on God to fill them as we prepare in readiness for what we believe He wants to do.

At the inception of this work, God gave our founder a burden to reach the small tribes using audio recordings. She had no idea how she was going to do it. She had neither the people nor the resources. But she did have faith that the God who had called her was the One who was going to do it. Not much has changed. We still don't have all the resources or people we need. But we do have the same God and the same precious promises. We also have the same opportunity of faith to trust God to accomplish what He has called us to do.

God's ultimate desire is to see Jesus Christ exalted among the nations and His Name worshiped in every tongue. That's the bottom line and the reason why our work must be nothing more and nothing less than an outworking of the desires of His heart. If it's not, we will end up busy for God but with nothing of eternal value to show for it. How much better to fulfill the longings of His heart. That should always be the true longing of our hearts.

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