Recording in India...and the on-field preparation needed

Recording in India...and the on-field preparation needed

One of the key steps in recording a new language is the preliminary research and survey work. It is always helpful to get as much information as we can on the group with which we are trying to connect. We want to use programs and stories that we feel are best suited for them. To this end, it is helpful to know the group's worldview, their religious background, whether they are an oral culture, their communication style and whether there has been any Christian work done among them. We also like to know if there are any local churches with whom we can partner.

These photos show our northeast India team leader, Lok Gurung, on a recent field survey trip to find out more about an extremely remote unreached people called the Meyor (Zakhring) people who live near the Indo-China border.

They are a group of about 400 people with a strong belief in Buddhism.

Lok was able to line up a cooperative language helper. However, this man has cancer which may affect his ability to help in the recording process.

We hope that this glimpse into the preparations needed before we get into the actual recording work will help you in your praying for each language project.

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