Remember who you are!

Remember who you are!

After writing about the problem for Christians in Somalia, Elizabeth Kendal wrote these words:

"Only God can save Somalia. And he will do it by his Spirit, using the gospel, through his church and in answer to the prayers of many. This makes the most humble pray-er far more powerful in terms of influencing world events than any high-profile advocate or politician on earth.

"Remember who you are!

"We are beloved children of Almighty God with free access into his courts! While we are called to work hard we are instructed to build on the rock of Jesus Christ. He is to be the foundation, the gate, the door, the light, the sustaining life-blood/sap/bread/living water, and our shepherd. We turn from him to the world at our own peril." *

Wise and timely words for our time when we are tempted to listen to the latest self-help guru, political analyst or convincing voice rather than the words of God. It is time to reaffirm the primacy of prayer and our commitment to it.

In GRN we are facing many challenges, many exciting opportunities, many problems and with them many encouragements. We are called to work hard, but as Elizabeth reminded us, on the foundation of Jesus Christ himself. Our hope, our 'success' is in His hands alone.

And for you, our praying community, be encouraged in the world-changing role and responsibility that you bear. Together may we see the Kingdom of God advance as the rule of God is established in the hearts and lives of people from every tribe, nation and tongue.

Graydon Colville.

* (From "Let the one who boasts, boast in the Lord" in Working Together, the magazine of the Australia Evangelical Alliance, Issue 4 2008.)

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