Testimony of a GRN worker in Nepal

Testimony of a GRN worker in Nepal

by Barnabas Shrestha

I joined Gospel Recordings as a volunteer in 1985. My first project was to help record the Gospel in the Dzonkha language of Bhutan. I really enjoyed that.

Later I went with Jon Rulison to Syabru where we had the opportunity to share the Gospel with some Sherpa people. God gave us opportunity to lead five of them to Lord. That was a real encouragement to me.

I joined GR as a full time worker in February 1986. Dan Rulison and Kris Gurung gave me some instruction, then in 1988 I went to GR Los Angeles, USA, for more formal training, linguistic training and to Bible School. We went to Mexico for field work.

In 1992 I went to India to help Alex Shaw conduct a Field Recording Training Course. I married Radhika in September of 1992. We now have three children.

I have since been involved in training other recordists in India, Nepal, Korea and Thailand. In 1997 Kris Gurung (Director in GRN Nepal) went for study in USA. In 2000 I became the Director until my brother, Surendra was appointed to the position last year.

God has done great things in my life and through my life. I have learned to trust Him for all my needs. There are many stories of how He provided. It was not just financial provision but in other areas of ministry too.

One example was when I was in China for recording. In my first trip I recorded in 5 languages. It was a very difficult trip. On my second trip to China, I was there to oversee another recordist in his work. We had to trust the Lord to find the right contacts and we had technical problems as well. However, God provided just the right people at the right time to help us. As a result, we made recordings in 7 languages and dialects.

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