"Baptized" in the Nile

"Baptized" in the Nile

Report and photos by Claire Meckler, Serving In Mission - Sudan, 2008.

While the box was being unloaded from the dugout canoe, it inadvertently got dropped (dunked!) in the shallow waters along the banks of the White Nile. The precious cargo being transported from the USA was making its way to Thiangrial, an obscure village in southern Sudan.

The contents of the box had been eagerly anticipated: forty 'MegaVoice' players (palm-size solar powered players). But alas, had this accidental immersion ruined all the delicate electronics? We could see bubbles of river water seeping into the inner circuits... and worried that God's audio Word in the Dinka language would end in a soggy saga.

We prayed as we hurriedly peeled away the wet carton, wiped each player, and set them in the sun to dry. Gradually, over a few days, the 100 degree F. heat worked its wonders and evaporated the lurking moisture. In the meantime, as villagers visited our compound, all were curious as to these little black pods scattered in the sunshine. "What are they?" "When can we listen?" "How do you turn them on?"

Then each player was tested... and sound came forth! Praise God for protecting His Word from damage and answering prayer by using the negative incident to incite positive interest. The 'baptism' became a blessing!

New Life for Old GRN Recordings

Many have been delighted to hear sermons and songs in their own Dinka dialect. Students (at our SIM Basic Education Learning Centre) initiated the idea of holding the little player to a megaphone to amplify the sound, enabling the message to be heard by folk in their huts. Old men have been seen sitting solemnly under a tree, taking to heart the seeds of Truth spoken from the little plastic machine. Women and children, teens and elders alike, are singing melodies memorized from repeated listening.

One day while we were with a group of young people, the 'MegaVoice' was playing and suddenly someone exclaimed, "I know that voice! The man speaking is my relative!" As it turns out, that man is now a Commissioner in the town of Melut (southern Sudan) and a part-time pastor.

Thus, on our next trip to Melut, we stopped in the government office to meet and greet him. We presented a player to him as a thank you gift for his ministry among the people in our area. We were thinking that perhaps he had recorded the message recently in a studio with the organization that produces the solar players. But, no, he was totally surprised and unaware of this tool God was using.

At first his countenance was serious... then a smile of pensive remembrance crossed his face as he listened to his own Bible teaching, hearing his voice give a message spoken in 1979 - 29 years ago! What an encouragement and blessing to know that seeds of Truth planted then, continue to spread and reap a harvest in ways unbeknown to the sower, but well known and wondrously orchestrated by God.

REJOICE WITH US as His Word goes forth in Sudan!

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