Borana Bliss

From Karen and Bruce Buck, missionaries in Kenya with AIM

"There are no words to express how delighted we are that you are providing MP3 format messages in the Borana language. We are working in northern Kenya with 5 different unreached people groups who all speak the Borana language. The fact that you are providing these down loads off the internet without charge is evidence of your strong committment to get the Word of God to people who have not yet had a chance to hear the gospel.

"I have downloaded all of the Words of Life series that you have on your web site and am just letting you know that we are eager to have the Good News and LLL in MP3 format as well. We have been using the LLL cassettes for years in various languages and have several hand wind players and cassettes out in the villages.

"I passed on information about your MP3 recordings to our son-in-law who is working in Turkana and he is now burning CD's for his parents in Ethiopia as they can not access the internet. They are wanting audio messages in Toposa and Bali but especially Toposa as some are coming from Sudan and attending church. No one in the church speaks Toposa.

"We would all be thankful if you could move some of these languages (Borana/Gabbra, Toposa, Bali and Turkana) to the top of the pile to be converted to MP3.

"We are also all looking forward to the launch of the Saber player."

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