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GRN Stand at Katoomba Easter Convention
GRN Stand at Katoomba Easter Convention

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The Dillons' Catamaran
Yousif - enthusiastic recordist
Have your phone help your prayer life
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This year has opened up several new opportunities for GRN Australia. Please pray with us and watch as they unfold.

Pacific Possibilities

The Rogne and Dillon families are coming to the end of a period of preparation and training. They are now awaiting visas for Vanuatu. The Rognes are considering the challenge of recording materials in close to 80 languages. The Dillons are preparing their catamaran to transport people and materials around the Pacific Islands.

These families face considerable challenges as they move to a new country, come to understand their new home and language, and make ministry plans. If you would like to follow this venture more closely please contact the office and ask to receive their prayer letters.

Recording in Australia

If you go to a large Australian city and look around it will soon become obvious that the world has come to us. Yousif Kunda (trainee recordist) went to Melbourne to discover which Sudanese languages are spoken there. He's discovered contacts with speakers of languages a lot further afield than just Sudan.

We have the opportunity to make many recordings here in Australia more easily and safely than they could be made where the language is spoken. This is an exciting possibility. Yousif and Vivian would love to keep you up to date with their prayer letters - ask at the office.

Mission Prayers App

Do you know that lots of people want to pray for missions but don't want to receive monthly prayer notes? We have developed a prayer "App" which people can load onto their smartphone which will send them a prayer point when they want to pray. It'll also send them answers when we become aware of them. We hope this will encourage more people to pray.

The app is due for release soon. Stay tuned for more details.

Promotions Team

We have a team of people ready to come and share with you, your church or group the amazing things that we see God doing around the world. We are thankful to have a story to tell to encourage the church in missions and resources to help the church to do missions. Please invite us to come and speak at your church or group.

We are also excited that we are developing a group of local church representatives who can keep their church or group informed about God's work through GRN. If you would like to do this please contact the office.


Website Wonderful volunteers have just finished translating our website into Spanish and Arabic. This means that Spanish and Arabic speakers can now access our recordings easily and learn about GRN. The website is now available in 15 different languages.

We are still looking for people to translate the website into Afrikaans, Bengali, Dutch, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Marathi, Nepali, Persian, Punjabi, Russian, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Urdu and Vietnamese. Translation can be done from anywhere there is internet access. Can you help us?


We have:

  • Several staff members and overseas centres/ bases experiencing financial strain.
  • Two big projects: an office for the Philippines and a vehicle for Nepal.
  • A few property maintenance issues to address.

Please contact the office if you would like more information on how you can get involved in any of these projects.

Please pray with us . . .

  • That the Dillon and Rogne families will be very well supported, both financially and prayerfully. (If you would like to join their support team please contact us). Pray also that they will receive their visas soon, and that God will open doors into each of the 80+ languages that they wish to record.
  • That Yousif Kunda will find people in Australia who are willing to work with us to make recordings in high priority languages. Generally these people need to be new arrivals so that their accents have not changed.
  • That the Mission Prayers App will be completed soon and approved quickly for release on the Android Play Store and iPhone App Store. Pray that many will use it to pray for GRN.
  • For increased opportunties for our promotions team to speak in churches, and that many more will be inspired about the work of GRN.

If you'd like to be involved in any of these opportunities, please contact GRN on (02) 9899 2211 or via our website

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