Togbo-Vara Banda [tor]

ISO Language Name: Togbo-Vara Banda
ISO Language Code: tor
Einwohner: 24,000

GRN has available 2 spoken languages and dialects within this language code.

1. Banda, Togbo-Vara: Vara

GRN Sprachnummer: 7668
Einwohner: 24,000

Other names for Banda, Togbo-Vara: Vara


Where Banda, Togbo-Vara: Vara is spoken

Central African Republic

2. Togbo

GRN Sprachnummer: 1382

Where Togbo is spoken

Congo, Democratic Republic of

Audioaufnahmen verfügbar in Togbo

C08051 Worte des Lebens

Ethnische Gruppen mit Sprache Togbo-Vara Banda

Banda, Togbo-Vara;