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Providing faithful workers with resources to more effectively reach people with the Good News.
A church celebrates receiving GRN resources in their own heart language
Tribal women giving tithes of rice in Church

Bangladesh is one of the world's most densely populated countries. It has a Muslim majority, is a cricket playing nation, was recently infamous for the collapse of a sweat shop full of workers, and is about to commence construction of two nuclear power stations.

Like everywhere else, the people of Bangladesh need to hear the good news of Jesus in their own heart language.


GRN Bangladesh has been actively recording for many years. But they also spend much time in distribution. 'Distribution' is the name that GRN uses to describe the process of getting the recordings, that we have produced, to the people who need to hear them. It happens in many ways, including through our website and mobile apps, but one of the most powerful ways is to physically get the materials into the hands of the local church.

These materials provide faithful workers with resources to more effectively reach people with the Good News about Jesus.

A successful distribution trip

In early August a team of three GRN workers set off from Dhaka (the capital of Bangladesh) on a 350km journey. Their goal was to provide resources to churches in the Rangpur District. This area has a population of 15 million!

There is a significant tribal component representing 8 different tribes and languages, plus the majority Bengali group. The people are predominantly poor farmers, many of whom cannot read or write.

A local pastor accompanied them as they visited twenty one different denominations, churches and other organisations evangelising the local area.

The GRN team distributed GRN picture books, CDs, and even GRN cassette players and cassettes, which are still used in Bangladesh. They also took Bibles for those who could read.

The local Christians reported that it is becoming increasingly difficult to witness - either directly or indirectly because of growing fanaticism. But they still gratefully received the materials, particularly recognising the potential of using them to reach oral preference learner adults and children.

Praise God that the trip was successful, and largely uneventful. Communication was easy and transport worked well. It was eventually cut short due to a three day strike called near the end of the distribution trip. As a result three regions missed out on receiving materials.

However, overall it was a great success. It is exciting to think about the possibilities created by this journey. If these materials are used well, thousands of people may have an opportunity to hear the gospel in their heart language.

How many lives will be transformed as people hear the Good News and submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ?

Please give thanks for the local Christians and missionaries who are salt and light in their communities, and who are able to bear witness to Christ where they are.

Please continue to pray for GRN as we seek to supply them with the resources they need in their own heart language.

Please Pray For

  • The GRN Bangladesh team as they make and distribute recordings. They are working in a country which is often hostile to them.
  • Local Christians and Christian workers, that they would witness boldly and make the most of the opportunities which come their way. Persecution is alive and growing.
  • That the recordings and picture books will be well used, and that people will hear the Good News in their heart language. Pray for effective distribution of GRN materials.
  • Transformed lives. Ask that people would become disciples of Jesus as they listen to the messages and look at the pictures.
  • Give thanks for the GRN Bangladesh team, for a successful distribution trip, and for all the opportunities the trip has created for the expansion of God's kingdom.

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