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The Americas Project

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From the Amazon to the Andes

It was quite a trip. Our recording team traveled from its base in Resistencia, Argentina to record Toba del Oeste - a language spoken by an aboriginal tribe. First they traveled by truck for about 1200 miles. Then they had to cross a river by canoe. Next was a hike through the national reserves of the Wichi Indians. They walked for ten miles and were thankful for an Indian guide who led them through a thick forest so they wouldn't get lost. Then another river crossing and more walking before they finally reached their destination.

Not long after arriving, they were grateful to find people who spoke Toba del Oeste and so were soon able to begin recording. They recorded 14 Bible stories and a commentary for a 40-picture booklet that teaches people from Creation to Christ. The recordings will help these aboriginal people understand who Jesus is.

For years the aboriginal people of Argentina were bypassed and forgotten. But God did not forget them. It was He who gave the recording team a burden to go to them. The time spent with them was special. One of the recordists said, "What a joy to see their faces light up because they know now that God loves them and can communicate with them in their own language. They gave us so much, including a smile that said, 'Come back soon!'"

These recordists are part of a growing Americas Project team that God is raising up to deliver the good news to the small tribes of South America from the Amazon to the Andes. While Christianity is thriving over much of the continent, there are still many tribes who have been bypassed. The Americas Project is focused on providing the gospel for every tribe in whatever language they speak. We know that the Good Shepherd longs for fellowship with every tribe. All need to hear who Jesus is. None is to be excluded.

We are so encouraged to see God raising up people to be trained as recordists for this task. So far 10 people have been trained and are at work recording.

What a day it will be when the Toba del Oeste and people from every tribe and tongue from the Amazon to the Andes take their place at the foot of the cross with believers from around the world to confess that Jesus is Lord!

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