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The sun had set, the darkness was descending rapidly over the tropical river jungle. We strained to make out the features along the river bank indicating our arrival at the river port of Sepahua; a developing frontier town hosting a variety of visitors. Scattered around the town are the residences of the Caquinte, Yine and Machiguenga people whose relatives live in remote jungle villages.

The Aventura Misioñera Wokabaut team visited these town dwellers giving them cassettes recorded in their own languages.

One special visit was to the home of José. Living at the end of the dirt airstrip Elda, Delfin and I walked through a garden of banana palms and yucca to his small house. Elda, my colleague, had met José on a previous visit to Sepahua when she was able to record the commentary of the Good News Bible Picture book with him in his language of Machiguenga.

This was the second time José has recorded with GRN personnel. The first time was some 40 years or so previously when a Recordist visited this remote region of the Peruvian jungle. In the intervening years José has become a strong Christian and Pastor. He has assisted in the translation of the New Testament for his people.

But still most of his people do not read, they are oral communicators.

José regularly visits the Machiguenga villages deep in the jungle, places our team wanted to visit but were not able to on this trip. As we gave a supply of cassettes, Bible picture books and a hand wind cassette player to Pastor José he excitedly told us of his plans to visit these remote villages.

Pastor José's faithfulness to God and his burden for his people to hear and understand the message of the Bible was clearly evident. Pastor José is a challenge to us to be faithful to our Lord and His calling to take the Good News of Jesus to the least, the last and the lost.

Alex Shaw, GRN Australia

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