A Pilgrim's Progress

A Pilgrim's Progress

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Dharmendra was barefoot and clad in a saffron colored robe as he walked the dusty roads of Haridwar, north of Delhi in India. Living as a pilgrim, he earnestly sought for reality in his life. For years he had studied the sacred books of the Hindus in order to become a sadhu or holy man. He often spent time in the mountains meditating and reciting the Hindu scriptures.

Even though Dharmendra gained attention and respect by wearing his long flowing hair and saffron colored robe, he felt an emptiness within. Although he wandered far and wide in search of true salvation, he knew he lacked peace.

It was during a time of real restlessness that he was given a GR cassette in the Gujarti language. He heard the cassette tell, "Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners." Shortly after hearing this truth, he met a Christian pastor who further explained the way of salvation. This was contrary to what he had studied for years. He said, "My gods came to destroy sinners while Jesus came to save sinners."

Satisfied that at last he had found the Truth in Jesus, Dharmendra gave his heart to the Lord. With calm assurance, he returned back to his native area to be a witness for Jesus Christ. He is now firm in his new faith and committed to serve the Lord.

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