"There is a God who loves our people!"

"There is a God who loves our people!"

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During the Christmas celebration in Surabaya in 2006, Jopie met with Lyn who has been working among the people in Sulawesi. Lyn told Jopie this story.

The people are really grateful for GRN's ministry. The "Good News" has changed their lives.

While the "Good News" program has being recorded in the L language, the leader of the tribe ran out and called many people to come. He told them, "Look at this picture!" (Number 17 in the Good News picture book, seen here.). "There is a God who loves our people!"

He asked the GRN Recordist, Ellen Bay, "Why has this news just come today; why not 20 years ago? Many people of our tribe have already died and never heard about this God."

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