God's amazing ways!

God's amazing ways!

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GRN Nepal delights in God's timing!

This year our work in Nepal has been going slowly because of the unstable political situation. We haven't been able to make any field trips out of the capital, Kathmandu. However, we have been able to make some recordings. In January we had the opportunity to do a recording in Eastern MAGAR and some have been distributed already. We added different sound effects to make the recordings more vivid for the listeners; - sound effects for wind, rain, walking and building a boat. We really enjoyed working on this project, and are thankful to God for it.

Recently we recorded in the KUMAL language. We gave the Good News script to a Kumal man in order for him to translate it into his own language while he was visiting Kathmandu. Then he went back to his village. He came back after some time and brought the translated script. He had done a good job. We took the script and asked a colleague to type it so that it would be easier for the language helper to read during the recording. We expected the language helper to come back soon but he never came. We had no phone number to contact him and no address. We were very confused as to what to do and just hoping that God would bring him back to us.

But God's ways are so miraculous; He did a miracle and sent another man to help. He himself is Kumal ethnically but he does not speak the Kumal language. However, he knew a Kumal lady who is studying in a Bible school very near our office. This lady is from the same village as the previous language helper and they are even relatives. We were so amazed how God can work in different ways, also in ways which I never thought of. It was a great joy to finish that recording.

Two days ago we got to do another recording in a language called RAI: Umbule. We were not planning to make this recording but God had a different plan. Last Friday a man from a remote part of eastern Nepal came to the GR office and said, "I have a desire to preach the gospel among my people in our own language." We showed him a script and away he went to translate it. By Monday morning at 9a.m. he was waiting outside our door. We really hadn't expected that he could finish the translation so soon. But he had translated it all and was so eager to do the recording that same day.

We already had another recording planned for that day so weren't sure whether to start the recording with the RAI man. However, it was too good an opportunity so we started straight away. The language helpers who were supposed to come that day didn't come at all. We just thanked God. It was such a wonderful recording that we did with the RAI: Umbule man who did come! He spoke very well and there were few problems. We were able to finish the recording in the one day and the other group came another time.

In these ways we clearly see God leading in our every-day tasks.

What an awesome God we have!

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