Going digital in Africa

Going digital in Africa

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A training program is underway at this time in Ghana, West Africa to upgrade several of our African centers and their recordists to digital technology. This involves ten weeks of training, provision of new equipment, computers, software and a host of other bits and pieces vital for good recordings. There are many challenges to this training course.

In the past, most of our recordists were Westerners. This is no longer the case. The majority of our field workers are African, Asian or South American. This has some advantages and some disadvantages! The big advantage, of course, is that indigenous recordists are much closer to the cultures they are working in. Frequently, they speak languages which facilitate the communication with helpers and translators.

One potential disadvantage is that many do not have the kind of technical background that is common in the West, so more training is required. Another disadvantage is that, working within their own and nearby countries, it is very difficult for them to raise the finances needed to support themselves and their families. (It is not only in the West that people think you have to go overseas to be a missionary!) Recently we have lost a few African recordists because of inadequate support.

It is therefore part of the ministry of such centers as USA, Australia, Canada and UK to help provide the support needed. Several churches and individuals have developed close links with the recording ministry in various countries through their support. Opportunities exist for others to be involved in enabling teams to take the gospel farther. Please contact us for details if you want more information.

Graydon Colville is the director of GRN Australia and chairman of the GRN Council.

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