2014 Highlights

The Good News arrives
The Good News arrives

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by Christine Platt
Edited by Wendy Bytheway

Looking back over 2014 we see many reasons to rejoice:

GRN produced about 350 new recordings this year. With joy we prayed for the different recording trips as they've happened over the year and we look forward to those recordings being used by the Holy Spirit to transform the lives of people as they listen and watch.

This year tens of thousands of hours of recordings have been distributed. The internet is the distribution source of highest volume (globalrecordings.net and 5fish.mobi), but hard media remains significant (CD, DVD, SD and microSD cards, USB sticks, Sabers and other mp3 players).

GRN in Australia trained nine new recordists. It's exciting to watch their progress in developing their skills as they go out and make recordings. Secondly, our team swelled by ten new staff members, a 50% increase. We are thankful for the qualities each one brings to GRN. A great team of volunteers have also blessed us.

We now have two families based in Vanuatu. The Rognes have trained as recordists and are planning to produce recordings in local languages of significant need. The Dillons have offered their catamaran, The Shining Light, as logistical support for recording programs, distributing recordings and serving the people of Vanuatu.

The 5fish.mobi mobile website is becoming increasingly well known. It allows people to instantly download our recordings onto their mobile phones.

Our 'Mission Prayers' Android and iOS app lets people pray for GRN when they want. It also allows people to give thanks as the app also gives answers to prayer.

We have developed some excellent promotional resources. There have been many opportunities to share with churches, groups and individuals about the exciting things God is doing within GRN and in the lives of people using our resources.

Many people who are using our recordings have told us that they are finding them to be a huge blessing to their ministry. Some have shared during our prayer time in the office. These stories are a huge encouragement to us.

God has blessed us financially over the year so we have had the joy of blessing several of our centres. On top of our regular monthly support, we have been able to help the Philippines team purchase an office and two offices in Asia purchase vehicles.

Our new Prospect office is a great facility. The grounds are looking good thanks to a couple of wonderful volunteers and we have finished setting up inside.

People are praying for us. We rejoice for each one who prays, gives or otherwise serves with us as we tell the story of Jesus in every language.

God is God. He's revealed Himself to us. He has saved us and adopted us into His family. He has given us the privilege of being His co-workers. There will be saints in heaven from every tribe, language, people and nation - we rejoice that God allows us to be part of bringing that to fruition.

"So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ." Rom 10:17 (NIV)

Please Pray . . .

  • There are still thousands of languages that need recordings produced. Please pray for GRN in 2015 to know how to prioritise these languages.
  • Please pray for the language helpers necessary in 2015 for GRN to produce these recordings. Language helpers translate and read the scripts and there can be some resistance to this amongst their communities. Please pray for God to open the way.
  • Please pray for the funds necessary to make and distribute these recordings. There can be many costs attached to producing recordings. For example, a recent recording made in Nepal required two internal flights and a three day trek to reach the language group. Often multiple visits are required.
  • Our 5fish iPhone app has now been launched! Pray that hundreds of thousands of people will download this app and use it to listen to and share the good news of Jesus.

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