Burmese Refugees - Here! Now!

Burmese Refugees - Here! Now!

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In several cities that I visited in April and May, I was asked for a CD in Burmese. We have a recording in Burmese, but why were people asking me for it? I discovered that the US has resettled over 60,000 Burmese in the last several years, many of them Christians from the Karen ethnic group.

Burma (now called Myanmar) has been in political upheaval for 50 years, resulting in over 2 million people being displaced to Thailand and Malaysia. The US have resettled Burmese, primarily in Fort Wayne, Phoenix, Fort Worth, the Carolinas and New York. Many of these refugees are being helped by people in churches who would like to share God's word with the Burmese in their own language. Those refugees who are Buddhist or Muslim need to hear about salvation through Christ, and the Christians need to hear more Bible stories to help them thrive in their new homeland.

What can the Burmese refugees listen to? In both Burmese and Karen, GRN has over 10 hours of messages, songs, and Bible stories. There is something available for those who walk God's path already, and for those who have not heard the wonderful story of redemption in their heart language. If you know refugees from Burma or other countries, visit our website, to learn how you can obtain a Gospel message CD to share with a displaced person.

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