From the Director

From the Director

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It is two years since I first wrote about the possible need for GRN to move to larger premises. This 'plan' has been driven by a growing conviction that GRN Australia needs more people to fulfil its key role in the worldwide ministry of GRN. More people means more room, and in particular more space for sound editing studios.

We have not rushed! We have prayed, thought, talked, contacted agents and inspected many properties.

Now we are looking seriously at a particular property in western Sydney. A decision may be made within the next few weeks. It is a critically important time to pray about this matter. We only want what God wants for us.

Along with your prayers for wisdom and confirmation of God's direction, we would also ask you to pray for the finances that will be needed when the time comes.

The total cost will likely be in excess of three million dollars. We expect to finance the majority of this from the sale of some existing properties, but we would still need at least an additional half million dollars to complete the project.

If you would like to share in these costs, you can do so through interest free loans or designated gifts. Please contact us if you would like more details about the current proposal and its financial implications.

GRN has a wonderful history of seeing God do 'over and above' what we might have expected. We are once again looking forward with anticipation to experiencing what God will do. I trust that you also will be encouraged and blessed as you join with us in this adventure.

Yours in Christ,


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