Ministry Profile: True Commitment

Ministry Profile: True Commitment

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Much of GRN's work over the years has been carried out without much fanfare by friends of the ministry who, with a love for God, have quietly gone about making Him known. One such person was Stephanie Vernon (pictured right), a missionary who used our recordings as a key entrance to Tibetan hearts before she passed away at age 92. Her work among the Tibetan Buddhist peoples took her throughout the Himalayas and beyond. This dear friend of Gospel Recordings (as we were then known) had at one time sent a Bible and a gospel recording to the Dalai Lama, the god king of Tibet.

Stephanie first went to India on a tourist visa with only $100 in her purse. While there she felt that she needed to evangelize as many Tibetans as she could. And that is what she did for the next 20 years. Gospel recordings and Christian literature were her tools of evangelism. Moving from village to village and temple to temple she brought the Good News to countless Buddhist monks. Two of them are now believers and live in the USA.

One day Stephanie visited a large Tibetan camp of 1300 people. The principal of the Tibetan school within the camp set up two chairs, one for her and one for her player. As soon as she began to play the recordings a crowd of school children and older folk came to listen. They all sat spellbound.

Occasionally a child would laugh. The principal said, "They laugh only because what they are hearing is so wonderful." These dear people had never heard the gospel story before. Because of Stephanie's witness, we will probably see many of these Tibetan people in heaven.

Stephanie was so careful with her funds that she often went without food in order to buy and transport Scripture portions and recordings. She could afford only one coolie. So, rather than carry food, her literature and recordings were the most important part of her luggage.

We need more people with Stephanie Vernon's commitment to the Great Commission. Ask God to raise up more workers like her, those with a true commitment to do whatever it takes to get His Word to all peoples. Pray too that God's Word will be remembered and obeyed by the people who heard it years ago and that these efforts will have a lasting impact on those Tibetan people.

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