Saved From the Brink of Death

Saved From the Brink of Death

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Kenny McKee recording Faton's remarkable testimony about how God saved him from certain death.

Living in a nominal Muslim country was hard. But when Faton became a Christian he received a great joy and peace from the Lord. Many of his friends could see the amazing change in him. At the time of the war in The Balkans in 1999 when the Serbians were shooting thousands of men and boys, his family was very frightened.

One day, the Serbs arrived at Faton's home and told all the men to go outside. He was trying to put on his shoes at the door but a soldier told him he won't need them. They lined up all his family and neighbours outside the house. The women and sisters were told to come and watch.

The previous evening the Lord had given Faton a verse that he would not die. Now here he was lined up to be shot. The absolute terror was almost touchable. He whispered to his family to trust in God. They were all scared to death and shaking. When a wagon full of dead bodies was driven up to their house they knew for certain that this was it.

Just as the soldiers got ready to fire, a UN Air Force jet flew over with a roar that was deafening. The soldiers immediately ran to their trucks and drove away. Faton and his family ran to the hills and across rivers in bare feet to escape. They hid for months and escaped to Albania where they stayed until the war ended. Faton gives the glory to God who saved him and members of his family. He said that God did this for a purpose.

Now Faton and his wife, Lena, pastor a church in Kosova and run two large kids churches with mostly Muslim kids. Each week they help and support Romany families and show the love of God wherever they minister. These folks are full of the joy of the Lord. We had the privilege to meet and record their wonderful testimony of God's deliverance, mercy and love.

Kenny McKee and his wife Joan serve with GRN UK where Kenny is the national director and a recordist.

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